Savage Dragon #125

April 24, 2006 | Comics


Savage Dragon #125
Erik Larsen
Image Comics
$5.80/$4.99 US
**** 1/2 (out of five)

The Savage Dragon is used to getting blown up, but he’s never been bugged like this before.
In this 64-page whopper of an issue, creator Erik Larsen gives his readers a little of everything. First Dragon gets blasted by a most unlikely villain. Then the comatose hero gets bugged — literally — by the same ne’redowell, now transformed into a fly.
Mix in a couple of classic Mr. Glum stories, along with a brand new one, and you’ve got an awesome milestone issue that is worth every penny.
Don’t look now, but after taking some time off to get Image Comics’ business side straightened away, Larsen is rounding back into form and Savage Dragon is quickly becoming a fantastic monthly read again.

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