Robin: Unmasked

August 23, 2004 | Trades


Robin: Unmasked
Bill Willingham, Rick Mays, Francisco Rodriguez de la Fuente, Aaron Sowd
DC Comics
$19.95/$12.95 US (paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)

Tim Drake is just your average teenaged boy. Or rather, Boy Wonder.
It’s autumn in Gotham City and Tim is a busy young man. He’s starting at a new high school, trying to find his way in the social order and looking to balance his relationship with his girlfriend with his after-school job — which happens to be as Robin, Batman’s sidekick.
Unmasked, which collects the first five issues of writer Bill Willingham’s work on Robin, sees Tim wrestling with the notion that while trying to stop a criminal, he thinks he accidentally killed him. Meanwhile, his father begins to piece together Robin’s secret identity.
Tim finally being exposed as a hero to his father is a moment many long-time Batman or Robin readers have been expecting to eventually come along, but credit to Willingham, he does it with style. The outrage Tim’s father expresses, the calm demeanor of Bruce Wayne when confronted with the news and Tim’s grudging acceptance of his father’s punishment all fall right as you’d expect — until a killer twist ending.
Robin is a character with long roots who has long been due for some more attention and Unmasked is a great start in that direction.

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