Repo #1 (of 5)

July 23, 2007 | Comics


Repo #1 (of 5)
Rick Spears, Rob G
Image Comics
*** 1/2 (out of five)

Emil and KD are repo men and they’ve just been handed the job of a lifetime — one that could make them rich or get them killed.
In a future filled with flying cars, buildings on the moon (and a totalitarian police force that won’t hesitate to kill civilians to stop crimes), the repo business is booming — literally.
After a hovercar that Emil and KD are sent to retrieve turns out to be packed with explosives detonates right in front of them, they head back to the office empty handed. They quickly put their dibs in on the next job that comes in and hit the jackpot with a gig to catch an escaped clone worth a fortune.
Of course a job this big will lure all kinds of unsavoury elements out of the woodwork, making Emil and KD’s job that much more deadly.
The creative team of Rick Spears and Rob G (Teenagers From Mars) has developed a fast-paced and fun new world worth keeping an eye on.

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