Rann-Thanagar War Special #1

February 13, 2006 | Comics


Rann-Thanagar War Special #1
DC Comics
$6.75 ($4.99 US)
*** (out of five)

One hero dies, another is reborn.
As Infinite Crisis continues sweeping through the DC Universe, a collective of Earth-based heroes, led by Donna Troy, gather in the far reaches of space to prevent the universe from being torn asunder (and don’t you just love that word?).
Anyone who has read IC #4 know just what the gargantuan hands reaching forth from a tear in space is (I’ll not spoil any more here that I have to), but our heroes remain oblivious as they try to hold back two sides of an inter-planetary war while investigating and trying to stop the big mitts from doing their job.
Among those leading the charge are Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Jade, the leader of the Outsiders, former lovers whose feelings for each other have not faded much over the passage of time.
But when a discharge of energy from the rift strikes one of the heroes down, a tender goodbye and one last gift may help tip the scales in the heroes favour.
This integral part of Infinite Crisis is not to be missed.

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