Planetary Vol. 3: Leaving The 20th Century

September 13, 2004 | Trades


Planetary Vol. 3: Leaving The 20th Century
Warren Ellis, John Cassaday
Wildstorm/DC Comics
$37.95 (Hardcover)
**** (out of five)

The weirdest and perhaps most wonderful comic series around is back.
Planetary, the brainchild of acclaimed writer Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Global Frequency) and outstanding artist John Cassaday (Captain America, Astonishing X-Men), is the story of three “mystery archaeologists” who travel the world solving history’s greatest mysteries.
Moody, dark and offering what may be the best writer/artist combo of any series currently on the market, Planetary is a treat.
Leaving The 20th Century collects issues 13-18 of the ongoing, if slightly irregular series.
As the series continues to leap back and forth from stories in the present and from all over the 20th century — from a 1920s meeting with Dracula and Sherlock Holmes to a Crouching Tiger-esque Chinese battle to Tarzan and men in space in 1851 — Planetary continues to push the envelope.
Ellis’ stories are thought provoking and extremely well constructed. Cassaday’s art is simply gorgeous and his rare ability to transcend a single comic book genre is displayed perfectly in this collection.
Simply put: If you are not reading Planetary you are missing out.

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