Paul Jenkins’ Sidekick

August 20, 2007 | Trades


Paul Jenkins’ Sidekick
Paul Jenkins, Chris Moreno
Image Comics
$16.99 US (Paperback)
**** (out of five)

Superior Boy is the greatest sidekick of all time.
No, wait, make that The Stoat. No, Bling! No, Pony!
Oh, to heck with it, they’re all the same dude, anyways.
Such is the plight of Eddie Edison, mild-mannered (OK, so maybe not so much) pizza delivery boy by day, and Mister Excellent’s able assistant Superior Boy by night.
When his boss refuses to cut him in for any of the wads of cash he’s raking in using Superior Boy’s likeness on T-shirts, action figures, etc., Eddie decides to find a new gig and offers his services to three other local heroes: The Night Judge, Brother Commando and Justice Princess – using a different costume and alias to appeal to each one.
The only problem is that they all like the idea of having a sidekick and all hire him.
Now Eddie’s got to juggle four jobs (five if you count the pizza man thing), four costumes and four severely peculiar heroes, each with their own odd affectation.
Meanwhile, a fifth hero, the Hobo, had tipped Eddie off to a major crime about to go down. Can he get any of his bosses to stop thinking of themselves for long enough to save the city from certain doom?
Paul Jenkins’ Sidekick is a frigging riot — a genuine gut buster — full of sensational satire and fabulous filth and anyone looking for a laugh ought to grab a copy ASAP.

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