Noble Causes Vol. 3: Distant Relatives

February 21, 2005 | Trades


Noble Causes Vol. 3: Distant Relatives
Jay Faerber, Fran Bueno
Image Comics
$12.95 US (Paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)

Liz Donnelly-Noble’s life is a mess.
Her husband, world-renowned superhero Race Noble, is dead and now Liz is left to deal with his family — the most famous bunch of heroes on the planet.
But the truth behind the scenes isn’t what the public and the media think.
As Liz stumbles upon a rather unusual way of coping with Race’s death, her brother-in-law Frost (whose power is controlling the cold) is searching for his birth father, her other brother-in-law Rusty (a human consciousness in a robot body) is going through a messy divorce and her sister-in-law Zephyr (who can control the air) is dealing with the repercussions after getting pregnant by her would-be boyfriend’s evil father.
And you think your family’s got issues?
This collection of a four-issue miniseries, the first Noble Causes series in colour, is yet another illustration of the strong characterization readers have come to expect from writer Jay Faerber.
Packed with bonuses including a heap of short stories, one featuring art by Toronto’s own Valentine De Landro, detailed character bios and an introduction by writer Joe Kelly, Distant Relatives shouldn’t be kept a stranger.

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