Nightwing: Year One

October 17, 2005 | Trades


Nightwing: Year One
Chuck Dixon, Scott McDaniel
DC Comics
$19.99 (Paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)

It’s a Nightwing fan’s dream come true.
The series’ original writer/artist team of Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel are back, re-telling how Dick Grayson transformed himself from Robin, The Boy Wonder into his more mature alter ego all those years ago.
Winding new insights into established DC Universe plot points, from stories originally told in the early-to-mid-1990s, Dixon takes the soul-searching, confused young Grayson on quite an adventure.
From a screaming confrontation with his Bat-mentor to a death-defying visit with Superman and a crime-busting team up with the original Batgirl, Grayson slowly finds out who he’s meant to be and takes on the now-familiar guise of one of the DCU’s staples.
The bad news is that this six-issue arc, originally published as Nightwing 101-106, is just a brief taste of the good ‘ol days. Dixon and McDaniel have already departed for greener pastures.

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