Nightwing: Big Guns

March 1, 2004 | Trades


Nightwing: Big Guns
Chuck Dixon, Greg Land, Patrick Zircher & Mike Collins
DC Comics
$22.95 (softcover)

It’s tough being a vigilante — or a cop. But Nightwing’s finding out it’s even tougher being both.
Dick Grayson, the hero formerly known as Robin — as in Batman and … — has struck out on his own in Gotham’s neighbour city of Bludhaven. While fighting crime in this cesspool of a town at night as a masked crusader, Dick decides to get himself a day job — as a beat cop on the most corrupt police force on the Eastern seaboard.
As crazies like Nightwing’s arch-nemisis Torque, a former policeman himself, who ended up with his head on backwards after he betrayed the wrong crime boss, pop out of the woodwork, our hero tries to balance his responsibilities as a rookie cop against knowing what he can accomplish when he puts on the vigilante’s mantle.
Featuring artwork by the supremely talented Greg Land (Sojourn), Big Guns offers lots of bangs for your bucks, including some really interesting fight scenes and a ton of explosions, but it a little light on the characterization. While you feel sorry for the binds that Dick gets into, it’s hard to care about a character when you aren’t offered a chance to get to know him.

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