Mr. Stuffins #1 (of 3)

April 16, 2007 | Comics


Mr. Stuffins #1 (of 3)
Andrew Cosby, Johanna Stokes, Lee Carter
BOOM! Studios
$3.99 US
*** 1/2 (out of five)

He’s snuggly and cute and he can kick your butt — introducing Mr. Stuffins, teddy bear secret agent.
Zach doesn’t know what he’s getting into when he convinces his dad to buy him the cool new storytelling animatronic bear from the toy store. He has no idea that a government scientist on the run from his employers hides a disc in the bear’s box containing the latest in top-secret artificial intelligence.
So Zach’s a little shocked when his new toy begins ordering him to get him some guns and secure the perimeter — and even more shocked when it beats the tar out of three school jerks bullying him.
But can Mr. Stuffins protect Zach when the government agents figure out where that disc has gone?
The concept may sound a little comical, but somehow this debut issue manages to avoid being a joke and delivers laughs and action in equal amounts.

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