Mouse Guard #4

September 25, 2006 | Comics


Mouse Guard #4 (of 6)
David Petersen
Archaia Studios Press
$3.50 US
**** 1/2 (out of five)

The ancient order of the Mouse Guard has been betrayed in an unthinkable way — by one of its own.
Three brave Guardsmice — Lieam, Kenzie and Saxon — have uncovered a plot against the town of Lockhaven and followed a path of clues to the town of Barkstone. As Kenzie and Saxon provide a diversion, Lieam sneaks away to find more pieces to solve this puzzle and ends up tricking his way into the secret militia they were seeking.
The distraction proves costly for Kenzie and Saxon, however, as they are captured and left hanging by their ankles outside the city gates.
Issue #4 of this lavishly illustrated miniseries sees the strung up duo rescued by a old mouse named Celanawe, whose allegiance is suspect, while Lieam gets in over his head as the militia quickly becomes an army. All this and the mouse betrayer is revealed! Well, sort of.
While the premise of Mouse Guard (sword-wielding mice) may seem curious, creator David Petersen blends some of the best elements of fantasy storytelling to come up with a series that is innovative, imaginative and a true treat for the eyes and mind.

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