Miss Don’t Touch Me

April 27, 2009 | Graphic novels

Miss Don’t Touch Me
Hubert & Kersacoet
NBM ComicsLit
96-page paperback
*** ½ (out of five)

There’s a killer on the loose in 1930s Paris and the only person who can solve the crimes is a sleuthing virgin with a grudge who works in a bordello.

When Blanche accidentally sees what could be the infamous “Butcher of the Dances” — so named because his victims are nabbed on the way home from suburban socials and left in pieces — and an accomplice through a crack in the wall of the home she works and lives in as a housekeeper, it’s her sister, Agatha, who pays the ultimate price. And worse, Agatha’s death is made to look like a suicide so the police won’t investigate.

Pursuing the only lead on the killer she has, Blanche sneaks into a high-class Paris bordello called the Pompadour, and lands herself a unique job that lets her keep her purity intact; as the in-house dominatrix: Miss Don’t Touch Me.

The French husband-and-wife creative team of Hubert and Kerascoet craft a sexy and suspenseful tale in this newly translated book, with enough twists and turns to keep even ardent mystery fans engaged.

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