Mini Sulk

May 16, 2005 | Comics


Mini Sulk
Jeffrey Brown
Top Shelf Productions
$8 US (Paperback)
**** 1/2 (out of five)

Jeffrey Brown has got a lot on his mind — and it appears to be leaking out all over his sketchbook.
That’s the only logical conclusion for the mishmash of gags and stories he’s assembled in his latest book, Mini Sulk.
Ranging from embarrassing childhood memories to delusional fantasies and dirty jokes, Brown departs from his usual touchy-feely, how-does-my-girlfriend-really-feel fare and lets loose by smearing his often-hilarious brain drippings all over the pages of this inexpensive little anthology.
With astute and offbeat works like Mini Sulk and his earlier releases — Clumsy, Unlikely and Bighead — Brown has established himself as a top-notch cartoonist whose works should be both eagerly anticipated and savoured.

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