Maintenance #1, 2

February 12, 2007 | Comics


Maintenance #1, 2
Jim Massey, Robbi Rodriguez
Oni Press
$3.50 US
*** 1/2 (out of five)

The only worse than a rampaging evil scientist is having to clean up after one.
Hidden deep within a secret complex inside the Mt. Harmony Bunny And Orphan Fawn Preserve (trespassers shot on sight) is the headquarters of Terromax, the world’s leader in evil science. Every day, the employees a Terromax are working hard to create the next great development in evil science. And when it blows up and leaves monstrous green beast that smells like a pile of fetid shit behind, Doug and Manny are there with a mop and bucket.
The two lowest-level employees at Terromax are pretty low-key about the craziness they deal with every day, from the carnivorous zombie kitten in the vending machine, to K’Arl, the freeloading Roswell alien and the bipedal Manshark whose sole exposure to the world outside his lab is watching Porky’s 2: The Next Day over and over again.
They don’t even freak out when one scientist’s experiment gone wrong sends them back in time into a cave full of pissed-off, jet pack-wearing Cro-Magnons.
Writer Jim Massey and artist Robbi Rodriguez deliver over-the-top fun at a working man’s pace with their hilarious new series.

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