Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus #1, 2 (of 5)

November 12, 2007 | Comics


Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus #1, 2 (of 5)
Mike Mignola, Jason Armstrong
Dark Horse Comics
$2.99 US
*** ½ (out of five)

Back from the dead and feeling so good.
While he may have met his maker back in the classic Hellboy series, Conquerer Worm, and even returned as a very powerful spirit, creator Mike Mignola and Canadian artist Jason Armstrong take readers back to when Lobster Johnson was a living, breathing 1930s vigilante in his first solo series, The Iron Prometheus.
When the Nazis set their sights on an experimental new suit of robotic armour, they’ll stop at nothing to have it — unless the Lobster has anything to say about it.
But when the mystery over exactly what the armour is, how it works and who’s really after it deepens, can even the legendary vigilante stop the bad guys?
It’s about time this character got his own spotlight and Mignola and Armstrong don’t disappoint.

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