September 13, 2006 | Trades


David Lloyd
Dark Horse Books
$12.95 US (Hardcover)
The first time I flipped through Kickback it didn’t make much sense to me.
Of course, creator David Lloyd (V For Vendetta) was showing me the original French edition, so I guess I’ll just have to be forgiven for forgetting so much of my high school education.
On that April day, the earnest and very likable Lloyd told me that his latest work would be given the English edition he’d originally intended by the end of the summer and asked me to tell everyone about it.
So here goes: Joe Canelli is a police detective with a couple of big mysteries to solve. The first is to figure out who slaughtered a local drug czar and his gang, a move that has sparked panic in all areas of the underworld. The second is a recurring dream, possibly of something from his long-forgotten childhood.
With beautiful use of colours and inks, Lloyd takes Canelli on a high-speed trip through the filthiest tenements and the darkest recesses of his mind in an effort that reminds us why this creator is one of the greats.

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