Justice Vol. 1

October 23, 2006 | Trades


Justice Vol. 1
Jim Krueger, Alex Ross, Doug Braithwaite
DC Comics
$26.99/$19.99 US (Hardcover)
**** (out of five)

The term “waiting for the trade” has become a very common term among comic book readers over the past few years.
It means that instead of buying a series in its serialized (most often monthly) form, you’re going to save your money for the collected edition or trade paperback.
Well I’d like to make a new entry in the comic fan lexicon: Waiting for the Absolute.
As good as DC Comics’ new bimonthly 12-issue maxiseries Justice is (and it is pretty damned compelling), the current plan is to release three four-issue hardcovers at $27 each (or $20 for our American neighbours).
With an all-star cast of Justice League characters, a compelling storyline which sees the DCU’s greatest villains suddenly working for the betterment of humanity and breathtaking art by Alex Ross and Doug Braithwaite, this series is destined to be collected in one of DC’s gorgeous Absolute Editions — complete with slipcase and bonus materials galore and likely only a bit more expensive than the $80 or $60 US these hardcovers will cost you.
So you can spend your money however you like, but I’m waiting for the Absolute.

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