John Constantine, Hellblazer: The Gift

October 28, 2007 | Trades


John Constantine, Hellblazer: The Gift
Mike Carey, Leonardo Manco, Frazer Irving
Vertigo/DC Comics
$17.99/$14.99 US (Paperback)
**** (out of five)

John Constantine is starting to feel like a walking plague.
Everywhere he goes everyone he gets close to ends up dead.
It’s nothing new, but Constantine’s about as big a self-centred bastard as you’re likely to find, so he just doesn’t let it bother him too much,
Until his flirtations with darkness and magic cost him his sister, Cheryl.
The final volume of writer Mike Carey’s (Lucifer) multi-year run on Hellblazer sees Constantine make a pact with the demon Nergal to go to Hell itself to retrieve his sister’s soul from those responsible for her death — John’s evil children created by the demon Rosacarnis, Nergal’s daughter.
Carey goes out with a bang by putting Constantine in the middle of a battle of magic and guile pitting blood against blood to the death with an outcome that you’re not soon to forget.

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