JLA Vol. 17: Syndicate Rules

December 5, 2005 | Trades


JLA Vol. 17: Syndicate Rules
Kurt Busiek, Ron Garney
DC Comics
$23.99 (Paperback)
** 1/2 (out of five)

It was hyped as a battle for the ages: the Justice League of America vs. The Crime Syndicate Of Amerika.
Too bad it never panned out.
This nine-issue collection from the monthly JLA series, has all the ingredients for something awesome: a team of great heroes from our earth, another of stupendous villains from earth-2, an awesome writer/artist team in Kurt Busiek and Ron Garney and yet it just gets bogged down in so much background, convoluted back-up characters and other tedium that it flops.
In 200 pages, there is about 20 that are awesome and the rest is making you ponder just how far down this series has come since the Grant Morrison days.
On the bright side, the next JLA trade, Crisis Of Conscience (available Jan. 25, 2006), is a fantastic story. Save your money. Buy that one.

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