Jeremiah Harm #1

February 13, 2006 | Comics


Jeremiah Harm #1
Keith Giffen, Alan Grant, Rael Lyra
Boom! Studios
$3.99 US
*** 1/2 (out of five)

They are some of the vilest scum in the universe — and they’re hiding here among us.
After a daring and explosive breakout at the 024-Prime maximum-security penal array, Dak Moira and Ayoma Skiver are free. Looking to get off the grid for a while they decide to hole up at some little backwater planet called Earth.
When prison official realize the embarrassment Moria and Skiver’s escape will cause them and the danger level involved in retrieving them, they turn to the one man that knows them best, fellow inmate and noted human, Jeremiah Harm.
This filthy, violent and bloody tale, written by fan-favourite Keith Giffen (Defenders, 52), along with Alan Grant and art by Rael Lyra and Joe Prado, is an impressive debut issue from Boom!, one of the hottest new publishers on the comics scene.

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