It’s A Bird…

May 3, 2004 | Comics


It’s A Bird…
Steven T. Seagle, Teddy Kristiansen
Vertigo/DC Comics
$37.95/$24.95 US (Hardcover)
**** (out of five)

Having the chance to work on Superman is the comic industry’s equivalent to getting to play for the New York Yankees. Whether you like the Yankees or not, it’s an honour.
But the offer to pen the adventures of the most recognizable super-hero in the world isn’t sitting well with Steve, the protagonist of It’s A Bird…, in fact it’s beginning to freak him out.
This semi-autobiographical story, by veteran comics writer Steven T. Seagle, is one of the freshest and most out of the ordinary takes on the Superman mythos.
At the same time Steve is trying to figure out if he has a Man Of Steel story to tell, he is wrestling with the fact that his father has gone missing, and the possible reason is that there is a family history of Huntington’s Disease, a debilitating neurological disorder that Steve himself is worried he’s going to develop.
Intertwined with Steve’s story are snippets of Superman lore: the notion of invulnerability; what would make a man want to wear a costume; how, in spite of his “truth, justice and the American way” ideals, Supes is actually an alien; and many more.
Complimented wonderfully by the unconventional art of Denmark’s Teddy Kristiansen, It’s A Bird… is a smart dissection of the super-hero genre and an interesting introspective look as a talented writer.

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