Invinicible #19

January 24, 2005 | Comics


Invincible #19
Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley
Image Comics
$3.65/$2.95 US
**** (out of five)

The overline on every issue of Invincible reads: “Probably the best superhero comic book in the universe.”
It’s hard to argue.
Writer Robert Kirkman and artist Steve Ottley have been pumping out some of the most engrossing and imaginative stories in comics over the past year and a half.
And the latest issue is no exception.
With the same terrific blend of characterization and dust ups that fans of this series have come to expect, we see Mark (A.K.A. Invincible), freshly returned from his trip to Mars, dealing with his neglected girlfriend, his alcoholic mom and a friend who has an important secret to reveal to him, mixed around trying to topple a crime boss protected by a small army of superpowered villains.
And amid all this, as usual, Kirkman is laying the foundation for upcoming storylines.
If you’ve never picked up Invincible, do yourself a favour and get one.

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