Invincible, Ultimate Collection Vol. 4

June 29, 2009 | Trades

Invincible, Ultimate Collection Vol. 4
Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Bill Crabtree
Image Comics
$34.99 US (Hardcover)
**** (out of five)

Mark Grayson has the same problems as most college-age men.

His girlfriend complains they don’t spend enough time together, he’s getting heat from the dean for skipping too many of his classes (for which his mom is also on his case) and he’s got a roommate who borrows his stuff without asking.

He also has to battle a legion of undead cyborgs to try to save a friend’s life, travel halfway to Mars to try to prevent an alien invasion and take down rampaging, 60-foot-tall 8-year-old in a monster’s body.

Okay, so maybe Mark’s got more on his plate than most.

The fourth year’s worth of Invincible issues (36-47), brought to you by the supremely talented team of writer Robert Kirkman and artist Ryan Ottley, continue the near-flawless blend of teen melodrama and high-flying super-hero action as Mark, A.K.A. Invincible, finds himself in the centre of a lot of action — both as a hero and as a young man.

In addition to the above crises, the hero has also got to deal with a visit from a member of his alien father’s race, the Viltrumites, who want Mark to make preparations for their conquering of Earth — and they aren’t taking no for an answer; with his half-brother, Oliver, beginning to develop powers of his own; and with the fact that he’s having a tough time hiding his feelings for fellow hero, Atom Eve, anymore.

Rounding out this tremendous tome is an amazing section of original art and sketches by Ottley, with funny and insightful commentary by the artist and writer, and a full script for issue #44, making it one irresistible package.

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