Impaler #1 (of 4)

October 23, 2006 | Comics


Impaler #1 (of 4)
William Harms, Nick Postic, Nick Marinkovich
Image Comics
$3.35/$2.99 US
**** (out of five)

An unspeakable evil is about to arrive in New York City and Victor Dailey couldn’t care less.
The police detective just can’t seem to care about anything anymore — not since he lost his wife to breast cancer six months ago. But just as he’s turning in his badge and getting ready to move out of town, a ship full of corpses sails into New York harbour. When two cops are savagely killed while investigating the case, detectives are called in — but not Victor, who is off to drown his sorrows. Will he get back in the game in time to save the city?
Writer William Harms gives us an interesting reinterpretation of the vampire mythos to chew on, but the real wow factor of this book is the standout art by Toronto’s Nick Postic and Nick Marinkovich. The mood is dark and creepy thanks to the Nicks’ use of shades and shadows and the impending bloodfest over the next few issues promises to be spectacular.

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