Holiday gift guide 2006

December 4, 2006 | Trades


There are seven days of Kwanzaa, eight nights of Hanukah and 12 days of Christmas — that’s nearly a month full of holiday fun for you to give your friends and family that perfect comic book gift.
There are plenty of great choices this year, beginning with The Complete Invincible Library Vol. 1 (Image Comics, $125). This nearly 800-page volume collects the first 24 issues and a whole lot more of what is arguably the best super-hero comic around in one limited-edition book.
Four stunning deluxe slip-cased hardcover Absolute Edition books have been released by DC Comics over the past few months and any one of them would make an amazing gift. Choose from The Absolute Edition of DC: The New Frontier by Canada’s Darwyn Cooke ($100), Absolute Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross ($100), Absolute Dark Knight by Frank Miller ($134.99) and The Absolute Sandman Vol. 1 by Neil Gaiman and others ($120).
One annual classic gift is the ongoing collection of Charles M. Schultz’s The Complete Peanuts (Fantagraphics Books, $28.95 US). This year’s two volumes, covering 1959-62, are also available as a set in a lovely slipcase for $49.95 US.
A new tradition to begin this year is Hank Ketcham’s Complete Dennis The Menace (Fantagraphics Books, $24.95 US). The first two volumes of this series, spanning 1951-54, are also available in a slip-cased set at a bargain deal for just $39.95 US.
That comic book film buff on your list might like a copy of 300 by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley (Dark Horse Books, $30). The film version of this epic set in the Greco-Persian wars will hit theatres in March.
You can help Canadian comic fans connect with their roots by giving them a copy of Invaders From The North: How Canada Conquered The Comic Book Universe by John Bell (The Dundurn Group, $40). Bell examines over 150 years worth of history and profiles some of our nation’s top talent in this terrific tome.
If you’d prefer to balance your gift giving with your philanthropy, give the gift of Drawing The Line or Drawing The Line Again (Fengsuli Press, $21 each). These two outstanding anthologies, which feature work by such noted creators as Moebius, Stan Sakai, Bill Sienkiewicz and Dave Sim, along with dozens of others, sees 100 per cent of its proceeds split between the SickKids Foundation and the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation going directly to cancer research, education and equipment. Organizers have already raised over $18,000 and you can add to the total by ordering at

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