Hellblazer #216

January 23, 2006 | Comics


Hellblazer #216
Denise Mina, Leonardo Manco
Vertigo/DC Comics
$3.75/$2.75 US
**** 1/2 (out of five)

John Constantine isn’t an easy man to know, but Denise Mina can read him like a book.
The award-winning British crime novelist behind such titles as Garnethill, Deception and Field Of Blood debuts this month as the new writer of Vertigo’s flagship title, Hellblazer and she kicks it off with a classic.
Settling in for another rotten night in another rotten pub, Constantine is tracked down through a “friend” of his by a man named Chris Cole who has a problem of a dark, magical nature.
Cole tells of how a miscast spell he learned from a girl he met one night at a party has led to a string of deaths and how the pain of each of those dead is crushing him with emotions. Constantine offers Cole a way out, but is also curious as to why this “friend”, a man he’s never met would involve him.
Peppered with possibilities, with part one of Empathy Is The Enemy, Mina has set the stage for what will no doubt be another classic in the Hellblazer library.

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