March 24, 2008 | Comics


Mark Sable, Robbi Rodriguez
Image Comics
$14.99 US (Paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)

The Sigma Tau Deltas are the most popular sorority at Ileana Silver’s new university.
They’re the one with the highest number of pretty girls, who get invited to all the best parties and date all the hunkiest guys.
So why, Ileana wonders, does the hottest clique around want an intelligent, outspoken, “plain Jane” like her to become an “STD”?
And, perhaps even stranger, why don’t they want her ultra-gorgeous roommate, James Dalton, to join?
Packed with biting satire and seething distaste for the “Greek” university system, Hazed is the story of two girls whose university experience is completely turned upside down by a sorority — one by surprisingly joining and the other by a shock rejection.
As Ileana, now known as Ill, sets about taking down the system from the inside, she finds herself making compromise after compromise that begin leading her down a very dark road. Meanwhile, James, blacklisted by a vengeful sorority leader, has gone from bombshell to dirty bomb as she can’t even get a date.
It may just take an epiphany for the girls to see the real cause of their troubles — and to get a little revenge.

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