Hawaiian Dick: The Last Resort

November 6, 2006 | Trades


Hawaiian Dick: The Last Resort
B. Clay Moore, Steven Griffin, Nick Derrington
Image Comics
$14.99 US (Paperback)
**** (out of five)

The Irish and Italian mobs are both making a play for the illegal gambling market in 1950s Hawaii and they’ve each found the best person to help them eliminate the competition.
Oh yeah, of course it’s Byrd.
The Hawaiian Dick finds himself at the centre of a double-, no triple-, maybe even quadruple-cross in his second full-length adventure. With his assistant Kahami and cop buddy Mo Kalama in tow, Byrd tries to figure out which one of the mobs is secretly breaking a long-standing truce, while mysterious “accidents” keep our favourite flowered-shirt wearing gumshoe on his toes.
It took a long time for this series to get finished, with nearly a year between the final two issues, but it was well worth the wait. B. Clay Moore’s slick writing and Steven Griffin’s incomparable art make an unbeatable combo that already has readers clamouring for the next installment.

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