Grounded #2

September 26, 2005 | Comics


Grounded #2
Mark Sable, Paul Azaceta
Image Comics
$3.65/2.99 US
*** 1/2 (out of five)

Have you ever had that dream that you show up for school with no clothes on?
When Jonathan Shepherd finds himself enrolled in a new high school, one solely for those with superpowers, he feels as naked as the day he was born.
But that’s not enough to diminish his excitement.
After the startling revelation in issue #1 that his father is the real-life superhero Apollo, Jonathan, a lifelong comic book junkie, finds himself stuck in The High, a private academy for super-teens.
But without powers of his own, will he be able to survive in the hallways (where a jealous boyfriend can send you flying through a brick wall), gym class (where a friendly game of dodge ball is anything but) or in the classroom (where the professor can create some vivid, gun-wielding lessons).
The premise of Grounded is so simple that it should have been done ages ago. But since it hasn’t, writer Mark Sable and artist Paul Azaceta are to be commended for something so damned good.
There are likely high grades to come for this high school story.

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