Groom Lake

January 29, 2010 | Trades

groom lake

Groom Lake
Chris Ryall, Ben Templesmith
IDW Publishing
$19.99 U.S. (Paperback)
**** (out of five)

Karl Bauer’s life changed forever when his dad vanished off the face of the earth one night.

It got even more complicated when Barnabus Bauer returned sporting two extra arms, three extra mouths and a mess of tentacles and proceeded to blow up all over him.

Groom Lake, the brainchild of IDW boss Chris Ryall and stalwart artist Ben Templesmith, is a fine blend of hick humour, superb sci-fi and black comedy as Karl quickly discovers a hidden world filled with oddball aliens and government goons — all of whom have an unhealthy interest in his crotch.

Upon learning his privates could be used to produce a weapon of mass destruction (some might argue the contents of most men’s pants already are), Karl escapes with the help of a cynical government employee (and a lovely one at that); a chain-smoking, big-eyed, sex-crazed alien; two blobs that can disintegrate almost anything; a pair of senile E.T.s; and a giant evil robot.

The ensuing race, with Karl and his companions set to turn the unsuspecting world on its ear and the aforementioned government goons trying to stop them, is as fun a trip as you’ll have in comics all year.

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