Green Lantern #1

June 6, 2005 | Comics


Green Lantern #1
Geoff Johns, Carlos Pachecho
DC Comics
$4.75/$3.50 US
**** (out of five)

Hal Jordan is back.
For those completely out of the comic book loop, Hal, the Green Lantern most of us grew up with, died a few years ago while saving the Earth, um after turning evil (is it me or do comics sound too bizarre when you try to simplify them?).
After the recent six-issue Rebirth miniseries to officially explain Hal’s return from the great beyond, writer Geoff Johns, along with artist Carlos Pachecho, are ready to get down to the business of telling monthly tales of the emerald knight and they do it with style with issue #1.
Johns immediately brings Hal back to his roots: test piloting jets, saving lives and flirting with pretty girls. Hal’s greatest attribute has always been his ability to blend responsibility with recklessness and his creators do a great job of capturing that as he flips back and forth between his two lives.
As readers have come to expect, Johns is already working the subplots, throwing in a couple of mysterious moments that make you wonder how many issues it’ll be until the payoff.
All in all a fine debut that shows Green Lantern is in good hands.

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