Green Arrow: Moving Targets

March 27, 2006 | Trades


Green Arrow: Moving Targets
Judd Winick, Phil Hester, Ande Parks
DC Comics
$23.99/$17.99 US (Paperback)
**** (out of five)

A new villain has killed off all the high-ranking members of the Star City underworld and even whacked the mayor and the district attorney.
But all that’s secondary in Green Arrow’s mind. His ward, 17-year-old Mia Dearden, has tested positive for HIV.
With no punches pulled, writer Judd Winick brings the issue of HIV and AIDS home for comic fans by revealing Mia’s illness and hammering home the reality that while this is a disease to be feared, the people who have it aren’t — and that people who contract HIV aren’t dying from it, they’re living with it.
Oh don’t worry fanboys, there’s still lots of great action, clever quips and all that stuff readers of this series have gotten used to in this mammoth 11-issue collection, but this one’s a little heavier than just that and kudos to DC and Winick for making it so.

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