Flak Riot

June 27, 2005 | Comics


Flak Riot
Michael O’Hare, Robert Place Napton
Image Comics
$3.65 ($2.95)
*** (out of five)

Zoe Nixxon is looking for a break from the mundane — something different.
But when she ditches her lame office job to take a bounty hunter training course she never envisioned it taking her to another dimension.
After a crash course in fighting, weapons and her new Flak Riot motorcycle, Zoe is sent off on her first mission: retrieve tacos — from the OD (Other Dimension).
With Flak Riot, creator Michael O’Hare and writer Robert Place Napton have cooked up an interesting blend of sci-fi and contemporary values with a hint of humour and a dollop of action.

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