August 23, 2004 | Trades


Phil Hester
Image Comics
$13.95 US (paperback)
*** (out of five)

Being a teenager can really suck.
Unless you were, or are, beautiful and athletic, chances are high school was a total drag that you just couldn’t wait to escape.
Because — in one of the most ironic twists of adolescence — while the beautiful and athletic are the minority, it is the various and different majority who are made to feel outcast.
Which brings us to Firebreather, perhaps the ultimate tale of having trouble fitting in.
Duncan Belloc-Rosenblatt is the lovechild of an ordinary human woman and a 250-foot tall, fire-breathing dragon. His skin is orange and scaly, he has horns and sharp teeth and people point and stare at him wherever he goes.
But underneath all that, Duncan is just a regular teenager, who wants to have friends, maybe even a girlfriend, and to fit in.
Now most adolescents were never that bad off, but the message of alienation in this series by writer Phil Hester (Green Arrow) and artist Andy Kuhn will hit very close to home for the comic-collecting crowd that read it.

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