Fear Agent #4

May 8, 2006 | Comics


Fear Agent #4
Rick Remender, Tony Moore
Image Comics
$3.65 ($2.99 US)
**** (out of five)

Heath Huston is one tough hombre.
So far in just four issues of his series Fear Agent, Huston has had the tar beaten out of him a pile of times by alien monsters and hulking robots alike β€” and to top it off at the end of issue #3 he got harpooned through the chest!
Not to spoil anything, but he’s still kicking for issue #4, but after uncovering the secret of where he crash landed last issue, heads out on a mission to save the Earth from an hulking-alien-robot invasion.
Just one problem β€” he ends up in worse shape by the end of this issue than the last!
Rick Remender and Tony Moore are a team supreme and Fear Agent is hands down one of the best new comics of 2006.

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