Essex County Vol. 2: Ghost Stories

April 21, 2008 | Comics


Essex County Vol. 2: Ghost Stories
Jeff Lemire
Top Shelf Productions
$14.95 US (Paperback)
**** (out of five)

Lou Lebeuf is an old man and his hearing is all but gone, but the voices from his past are as loud and clear as ever for him.
As he whiles away his remaining days on his family farm in Essex County, down in southwestern Ontario, Lou reflects back to better times, back to when he and his brother, Vince, played pro hockey in Toronto and they felt like kings of the world.
Of course nobody’s life is perfect and Lou’s trip down memory lane takes him to a bunch of different places, both good and bad — from the glory of raising his stick in the air with thousands cheering him on, to the hearing his knee snap and knowing his career was over, to falling in love with the perfect girl to the sound of Chet Baker records and that one amazing night in her arms that cost him dearly for the rest of his days.
Talented Toronto cartoonist Jeff Lemire continues his Essex County trilogy, which he started last year with the moving Tales From The Farm, with Ghost Stories, a thoughtful and emotional reminisce that intertwines the love of hockey, the love between brothers and the deep love of home into one thoroughly engaging read.

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