Elephantmen Vol. 1: Wounded Animals

October 1, 2007 | Trades


Elephantmen Vol. 1: Wounded Animals
Richard Starkings, Moritat, Comicraft, Ladronn
Image Comics
$24.99 US (Hardcover)
**** (out of five)

They tower over even the tallest man and could kill any one of us if they chose to — after all, that’s what they were made for.
The general public calls them “Elephantmen”, in spite of the fact they are human-animal hybrids of many varieties — from elephants and rhinos to crocodiles and camels — and even though they live among us now, they can’t exactly blend into the crowd.
Engineered by a mysterious and sinister corporation called Mappo as soldiers to fight humanity’s battles for them, these creatures have finally found a different life after being integrated back into society.
Some have become famous and wealthy, others are content, like many of us, just to get by, while still more have found there’s money to be made by continuing to do the dirty work that many humans won’t.
Wounded Animals follows a private detective “elephantman” (actually a hippoman, truth be told) named Hip Flask, who’s on the trail of a valuable missing item; his old friend Ebenezer, who actually is an elephantman, who’s looking for a friend; and a “rhinoman” named Obadiah Horn, who’s got some big plans and even bigger secrets.
Elephantmen, the brainchild of comic book lettering master Richard Starkings, has something for every reader with its great blend of sci-fi, action, crime noir and humour.
It’s perfect pulp fiction.

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