Ed & Red’s Comic Strip

May 8, 2006 | Comics


Ed & Red’s Comic Strip
Hot Tub Press
**** (out of five)

Promotional comics, as a rule, generally suck.
Whether for a business, a product or a person, they just tend to come off as transparent shilling swill that, in the end, has little relevance for readers.
That said — Ed The Sock’s comic rocks.
In Ed & Red’s Comic strip, seven creators (eight if you count the covers) give us six different looks at the famous cigar-chomping footwear and his dazzling partner Liana K, all with a wink and a laugh.
Noted names like Ho Che Anderson and Dave Sim and up-and-comers like Tyrone McCarthy, Zach Warton and Sean Ward all combine to create a unique homage to one of late night TV’s guiltiest pleasures.

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