DMZ Vol. 6: Blood in the Game

May 25, 2009 | Trades

Matty Roth thought war was hell — until he covered his first election.

Since the first day the young journalist was dropped into the DMZ — otherwise known as New York City — in the midst of the second American civil war, he has witnessed the horrors of war and the bloody sacrifices of far too many.

However, it’s not until the two warring factions finally attempt to form a provisional government in the city that Roth sees the real extremes people will go to to win.

DMZ Vol. 6: Blood in the Game (Vertigo, $14.99, 144 pages) follows Roth’s first foray into the seedy world of politics as he covers a charismatic independent candidate’s bid for office — a campaign that Roth finds himself quickly sucked into as one of the most well-known faces of the city to the outside world.

Complicating matters is the appearance of the last person Roth ever thought he’d see set foot in the DMZ: His mother.

Writer Brian Wood and artist Riccardo Burchelli use this constantly engaging and chillingly plausible series to reflect the chaotic political circumstances in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and the constant pitfalls that befall intruders to such complex situations.

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