Degrassi — The Next Generation: Extra Credit Vol. 1

November 6, 2006 | Comics


Degrassi — The Next Generation: Extra Credit Vol. 1
J. Torres, Ed Northcott
H.B. Fenn
$12.95 (Paperback)
**** (out of five)

Confession time: I am not a Degrassi fan.
I know that ranks right up there with hating the music of the Tragically Hip or thinking Don Cherry is a loudmouth on the big list of Canadian blasphemies, but I just never watched it. To this day when people start going on about Joey Jeremiah, Caitlin and “Wheels” I start to nod off.
On the flip side, I am a big fan of Toronto writer J. Torres.
His quarterly series Love As A Foreign Language (along with artist Eric Kim) is the best humour/romance comic around and his knack for smart and natural dialogue makes him the perfect person to tackle the illustrated tales of the newest batch of Degrassi kids.
This first in-continuity story, drawn by Kitchener, Ont.’s Ed Northcott, sees Ellie dealing with the crunch of exams, work and an overly friendly male co-worker, while J.T. finds a rather, um, unusual way to distract himself from the fallout of his relationship with Liberty.

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