Cry Yourself To Sleep

May 8, 2006 | Comics, Trades


Cry Yourself To Sleep
Jeremy Tinder
Top Shelf Productions
$7 US (Paperback)
*** 1/2 (out of five)

It seems like the entire universe is against you when you’re a young person. Or rabbit. Or robot.
Cry Yourself To Sleep examines the peaks and valleys of your adulthood through the lives of three characters: Andy, a frustrated novelist/video store clerk; Jim, a rabbit recently fired from his fast-food job; and The Robot, a soulless machine that is hoping to mend his ways.
Creator Jeremy Tinder manages some great pacing in this 88-page book and hits on some resonating points that most of us have gone through such as self doubt, self loathing, and, eventually, self betterment.
Cry Yourself To Sleep will either hit so close to home that you’ll want to go and quit your minimum-wage job and tell your parents off or get down on your knees and thank goodness you don’t feel that way anymore.

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