Countdown Presents The Search For Ray Palmer: Wildstorm #1

September 17, 2007 | Comics


Countdown Presents The Search For Ray Palmer: Wildstorm #1
Ron Marz, Angel Unzueta, Oliver Nome, Richard Friend, Saleem Crawford, Trevor Scott
DC Comics
$3.65/$2.99 US
*** 1/2 (out of five)

Ray Palmer sure plays a mean game of hide-and-seek.
Palmer, A.K.A. The Atom, has been missing since he discovered his ex-wife Jean was a murderer in 2005’s Identity Crisis, but the Challengers From Beyond — Kyle Rayner, Donna Troy, Jason Todd and Bob (a member of the enigmatic race of Monitors) — are hot on his trail, believing he’s somehow the key to saving the multiverse from destruction.
The trail leads the Challengers from their adventures in the microverse in the pages of the must-read weekly series, Countdown, to the gritty world of Wildstorm, home to take-no-prisoners heroes such as The Authority, WildCats and Wetworks.
Can Palmer be hiding in this dark world or will the trail continue (in next month’s Countdown Presents The Search For Ray Palmer: Crime Society #1)?
Still, it is always pretty cool to put the squeaky-clean heroes from the DCU into conflict with the grim champions of Wildstorm.
And the search for Ray Palmer continues…

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