Concrete Vol. 1: Depths

August 29, 2005 | Trades


Concrete Vol. 1: Depths
Paul Chadwick
Dark Horse Books
$12.95 US (Paperback)
**** 1/2 (out of five)

Paul Chadwick is simply one of the grandmasters of comics.
Reading Depths, the first of a new series of books collecting both classic and rare tales of the award-winning Concrete series, hammers home what a terrific storyteller Chadwick is — and has been since 1986.
He’s always been a sublime artist, bringing Concrete — a man’s mind in a hulking, rocky alien body — to life with his vividly detailed black-and-white art.
But there’s a thoughtfulness and timelessness to these stories, focusing mainly on the premise: ‘What would I do?’ if faced with any number of situations, from being trapped in a near-impregnable body that can never feel, to being lost at sea or buried deep in the earth.
While Depths is not exactly the chronological Concrete, it does give readers a good introduction to the character, including his origin story and his first meetings with several key supporting players.
No trade paperback library is complete without a copy of this book.

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