Conan: Book Of Thoth

December 4, 2006 | Trades


Conan: Book Of Thoth
Kurt Busiek, Len Wein & Kelley Jones
Dark Horse Books
$17.95 US (Paperback)
**** (out of five)

The star power alone would be a reason to pick up Conan: Book Of Thoth.
You’ve just can’t go wrong with any title that features regular Conan writer Kurt Busiek (Astro City), Swamp Thing and Wolverine co-creator Len Wein and horror comics’ master illustrator Kelley Jones (Batman).
But better than the sums of those talents is the sweeping epic they’ve created.
Book Of Thoth is a true chiller featuring, for the first time ever, the origin of Conan’s most reviled enemy, the sorcerer Thoth-Amon.
From his beginnings as a street urchin and his first murder to his discovery of the snake god Set and his mischievous and duplicitous rise to power in the nation of Stygia, the book is grand and glorious in its portrayal of the lure of power.
On top of this super story, Jones is at the top of his craft, with lush and moody page after page showing why nobody can do horror books any better.

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