Conan: Book Of Thoth #1 (of 3)

April 24, 2006 | Comics


Conan: Book Of Thoth #1 (of 3)
Kurt Busiek, Len Wein, Kelley Jones
Dark Horse Comics
$4.99 US
**** (out of five)

He is the ultimate evil in the world of Conan.
He is Thoth-amon, and he is such a great damned villain that he can hold up a 40-page comic without a single appearance by the muscle-bound Cimmerian.
Of course having a creative team featuring Kurt Busiek (Astro City, Conan) and Len Wein (Swamp Thing) as writers and the incomparable Kelley Jones (Batman) handling the art chores doesn’t hurt.
This first issue takes from Thoth’s humble beginnings as a thief to his first bloody murder and his discovery of the ancient snake-god, Set.
It’s creepy, clever stuff worthy of such a classic baddy.

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