Breakdown #1/The Blade Of Kumori #1/Defex #1

December 6, 2004 | Comics


Breakdown #1
The Blade Of Kumori #1
*** 1/2
Defex #1
Aftermath/Devil’s Due Publishing
$2.95 US each

Welcome to the new superhero universe.
After several years of success reviving the G.I. Joe franchise and dabbling in a few other titles, Devil’s Due Publishing, through the Aftermath imprint, rolls out it’s first line of superhero titles: Breakdown, Defex and The Blade Of Kumori.
Featuring a solid list of creators, such as: Marv Wolfman (New Teen Titans), Ron Marz (Green Lantern), Chuck Dixon (Nightwing) and Dave Ross (Birds Of Prey), Aftermath starts with a solid foundation.
Breakdown, the best of the early lot, sees the rise and fall of a hero in one issue.
Paragon, an extremely powerful and successful crime fighter is shown at the peak of his game, before a vicious attack leaves him in agony and sorrow. Will his next move be to exact revenge?
Defex has a very familiar feel, like a Teen Titans or Gen 13 book. This debut issue sees a group of students fooled into developing technology that is supposed to boost people’s immune systems. But instead they are themselves are transformed into metahumans and, perhaps, something scarier.
The Blade Of Kumori kicks off with a soaring martial art fight scene and ends with a twist that leaves readers wondering whether our protagonist is good or evil.
It’s always exciting to see some new options on the market and DDP is committed to making Aftermath work, so it could be a long run for these new books. The company also claims they have not intention of putting these series out in trade paperbacks to entice readers to grab the monthlies. Time will tell on that one.

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