Brave New World #1

July 3, 2006 | Comics


Brave New World #1
DC Comics
$1.35/$1 US
*** 1/2 (out of five)

DC Comics had a lot of success last year with an 80-page giant called Countdown To Infinite Crisis.
It featured some of the hottest creator s in comics, told a gripping story and launched four new limited series that were required reading for every DC Universe fan — and all this for $1 (or $1.35 for us poor Canadians).
Now, in the wake of Infinite Crisis, comes Brave New World, another 80-pager, costing a buck, designed as a jumping on point for six new DC series.
But somehow this one isn’t as sexy.
Sure some of the new series look good — The Creeper, Martian Manhunter and All New Atom seem interesting (while OMAC, The Trials Of Shazam and, ugh, Uncle Sam And The Freedom Fighters haven’t exactly got as much instant appeal) and there is a really great twist ending to the book that adds much forshadowing to the DCU —but overall it just comes off a bit too disjointed.
Brave New World isn’t quite as must a read as Countdown, but at $1 for 80 pages you might as well give it a spin as see if anything sticks.

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