Bone Vol. 9: Crown Of Horns

July 26, 2004 | Trades


Bone Vol. 9: Crown Of Horns
Jeff Smith
Cartoon Books
$26 (paperback)
***** (out of five)

Bone started out over a decade ago as a cute, funny little independent fantasy comic.
But as the series now comes to a close, it is fair to say Bone is an epic in the scale of The Lord Of The Rings, destined to be remembered as one of the high points of visual storytelling.
Creator Jeff Smith’s adventures of the three Bone cousins — dough-white little people that look like a cross between Smurfs and Casper The Friendly Ghost — have been a roller-coaster ride. From The Great Cow Race (an old woman racing against a herd of cattle — no seriously!) to battling an army of monsters to save a kingdom, this series has had it all.
Crown Of Horns, the ninth and final collection of Bone, ties up all the loose ends of the series with a titanic battle, daring heroics and a noble sacrifice.
It is bittersweet to see Bone come to an end, but it is a conclusion that doesn’t disappoint.

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