Bomb Queen IV: Suicide Bomber

June 23, 2008 | Trades


Bomb Queen IV: Suicide Bomber
Jimmie Robinson
Image Comics
$14.99 US (Paperback)
*** ½ (out of five)

No more Ms. Nice Queen.
After having her reign as leader of the crime-ridden New Port City threatened by nefarious government agents and a handful of superheroes and having her home, and more importantly her cat, destroyed, Bomb Queen has decided enough is enough.
She’s taking the battle to the rest of America and she’ll shake the foundations of the Image Comics’ universe to do so.
The only catch is that BQ may not be acting entirely of her own will. Something very dark is happening in New Port City and if the Queen isn’t careful, she might just find herself with a one-way ticket to Hell.
As with every volume so far of Bomb Queen, Jimmie Robinson delivers gratuitous sex and violence in delightfully funny and shocking doses in volume 4.

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