February 9, 2004 | Comics


Craig Thompson
Top Shelf Comix
$29.95 US (softcover)

Blankets is an achingly honest story of love. The tale of the author/artist’s awkward teen years — raised in a devout Christian household and confused by the messages of the bible — mixed with the fumblings of first love make this book gripping.
The rawness of Thompson’s personal reflections — on subjects ranging from his childhood relationship with his little brother, to being sexually abused, to his increasingly fragile faith in God — are brought hauntingly off the pages with a wide range of art styles, from the bizarrely abstract to the absurdly simple.
It is difficult to read Blankets and not reflect on one’s first experience with love and romance — to remember how (trivialities feel like catastrophes) important every little thing is when you’re a teen and how hard it is to accept the end of a relationship that is clearly doomed.
Blankets is simply is a perfect example of the power of visual storytelling.

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